The Serpent Queen star admits relating to Catherine de Medici

The Serpent Queen: Starz releases trailer for new series

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Starz subscribers had been waiting quite some time for the release of The Serpent Queen so when it came out earlier this month, many couldn’t wait to start watching the first series. The historic drama delves into 16th Century France when Catherine de Medici (played by Samantha Morton) rules with an iron fist. Known for killing off and torturing her rivals, Catherine wasn’t someone to cross and it is because of her vicious methods that she became one of the country’s longest rulers.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Serpent Queen.

In The Serpent Queen, Catherine opens up to one of her servants Rahima (played by Sennia Nanua), telling her life story and how she came to be queen.

Catherine (Liv Hill), grew up an orphan but her uncle Pope Clement (Charles Dance) had his connections and ensured she was to marry the King of France’s son at age 14.

As she got to know her new husband, Catherine did in fact fall in love with him but it wasn’t meant to be as she discovered he was in love with Diane de Poitiers (Ludivine Sagnier), a woman twice his age.

But she wasn’t willing to go back to the streets and so her calculating fight began, taking down anyone who threatened her position.

Prior to the show’s release, spoke to actress Liv Hill who said she could relate to the villainous queen.

She explained: “This is what the writer wanted, to show her vulnerability and to show the fact she was a teenager.

“So I tried to draw on my angst and attitude that I had when I was a teenager, playing her.

“And also the vulnerability of love, that was her first love.

“Out of everything that happened in her life, she’s had a pretty brutal life.

“Lots of physical beatings and emotional abuse and manipulation, that’s not easy.

“I think the heartbreak of unreciprocated love is actually the most painful for her.”

Hill then joked: “And it’s the most painful for me!”

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She added that despite her cruel persona, she could understand her actions at times.

“She [Catherine de Medici] made some brutal and ruthless decisions but it came from a place of desperation and survival.

“And it kind of made me question how far would you go to survive and you really don’t know until you’re put in that position.

“Like most people have conflicting personalities, she is emotionally intelligent and empathetic and can express love and vulnerability.

“But at the same time, can be very detached and calculated and make some morally ambiguous decisions.”

The Serpent Queen will be back for its second episode on Sunday, September 18.

Entitled To War Rather Than to Bed, the description reads: “Young Catherine begins to learn how to outwit the royal household in order to secure her future after the death of her uncle.”

Season one of the period drama consists of eight episodes in total.

The Serpent Queen continues every Sunday on Starz in the USA and Starzplay via Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

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