The Traitors viewers work out who will be exposed as they crumble

The Traitors: Claudia shocks contestants by sending two home

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On Thursday evening, BBC fans tuned in to watch Claudia Winkleman in her new reality gameshow The Traitors. However, only three days in, and people think one of the liars is already blowing their cover.

The BBC new series kicked off this week as a group of people were thrown into a Scottish castle to try and work out who among them were the ‘traitors’.

In a game of detection, backstabbing and trust, three people have to try and go undetected as they eliminate people throughout the episodes.

However, putting their detective skills to the test, they have a chance in each instalment to vote out one player in hope of catching out a traitor.

One player called Maddy suggested to a few other people in the group that Wilfred could be one of the contestants who is lying, which unknowingly to them all, is correct.

Watching Maddy spot him as being a potential traitor, it wasn’t long before viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the player.

WARRIOR_1865 said: “Will is going to screw up out of all the traitors first.”

Davewodsradio commented: “Just loving the @BBCTheTraitors with @ClaudiaWinkle. Binged watched all 3 episodes, and can’t wait till next Tuesday. Plus some stunning Scottish scenery. I think Will will be found out first.”

ESCMarkk commented: “Wilfred is definitely overplaying it #TheTraitors.”

Survivinthe20s added: “Wilfred is crumbling….he won’t last #thetraitors”

“The traitors Alyssa and Amanda are not as clever as they think, they have a weak link in Wilfred who could bring them all down,” said NICHEMPHILL.


Suspicions first started to rise in the group after the second contestant was “murdered” in the show and Wilfred started to get emotional at breakfast.

More to follow…

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