The Ultimatum Recap: A Very Messy Dinner Ends With Two Proposals

It’s hard to imagine why the 24-year-olds on The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On are in such a rush to get married and have children, but those are the stakes in the new Netflix dating show hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

The first eight episodes dropped on Wednesday; the finale and reunion special will be released next Wednesday, April 13.

Six participants issued an ultimatum to their partner to either commit to marriage or break up. The eight-week experience required pairs to choose new partners to date and live with for three weeks, and then switch back to their old partners for another three weeks. At the end of this experiment, each person will then decide whether they want to marry or move on.

These are the couples:

Alexis (25) and Hunter (28)
Alexis issued an ultimatum to Hunter after dating for two years.

Madlyn (24) and Colby (25)
Colby issued an ultimatum to Madlyn after a year and a half together.

Shanique (24) and Randall (26)
Shanique issued an ultimatum to Randall after dating for a year and a half.

April (23) and Jake (26)
April, who really wants to settle down, issued an ultimatum to Jake after two years together.

Rae (24) and Zay (25)
Rae issued an ultimatum to Zay, who is still in college and hesitant to start a family right now, after two and a half years of dating.

Lauren (26) and Nate (30)
Nate issued an ultimatum to Lauren, who isn’t sure she wants kids, after two and a half years of dating.

The first week saw everyone date around and get to know each other before deciding who they want to be paired with. During the switch-off dinner that began in Episode 2 and continued in Episode 3, April chose Hunter as her new partner, and that didn’t sit well with Alexis, who opened up about why she didn’t want to see her partner date someone else. When Nick asked Hunter what he was thinking in that moment, Hunter took the opportunity to propose to Alexis. This set April off because she felt like she wasted her whole week.

Next up, Colby chose Lauren, and this prompted Nate to propose to Lauren. Colby pointed out that Lauren didn’t seem excited about her engagement, especially since she and Nate hadn’t resolved their issue over having kids, and he accused Nate of giving a fake proposal.

Colby then chose April as his partner, and April went off about how difficult it’s been for her to see her partner Jake tell her he’s made a connection with Rae. She, too, called out Hunter and Nate’s proposals as fake because they chose not to go through the experience before taking that next step. Madlyn backed up April, revealing that Nate told her 10 minutes before proposing to Lauren that he was going to choose her.

After an emotional dinner, the newly engaged couples left the show, and the new pairings were decided: Shanique and Zay, Rae and Jake, Madlyn and Randall, and Colby and April.

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