'The View' Hosts Roast Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway for Not Resigning From Military Boards

The two were among 18 Trump appointees to U.S. military academy boards who received resignation requests from President Biden

“This is what happens when a new president takes over!” Goldberg said. “See, this is how stuff’s supposed to — y’all don’t know that because you don’t know. Because the guy that you were working under didn’t know what he was doing. But this is what happens. You elect a president and he gets the people he wants to sprinkle in there, and after their four or eight years, then they go away!”

Later in the conversation, co-host Joy Behar addressed Conway’s refusal, and took a savage shot at the former senior counselor to the president.

“You know, I have to take up for Kellyanne though, because they say she doesn’t have any military experience. Didn’t she fight in the revolutionary war?” Behar said. A photo of Conway’s widely mocked red, white and blue inauguration outfit was simultaneously brought up on-screen, as Behar laughed at her own joke.

“I just want to know what time it is, because this took a long time to get this one joke to come,” Whoopi retorted. “She had one joke the whole show, and then this was the one.”

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