'The View' Hosts Spar Over Whether General Milley Committed Treason With China Calls (Video)

According to a new book, the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman told China he’d alert them of a U.S. military strike initiated by Trump

“I think that, you break command in that way, you are committing treason,” Hostin said. She added that she worked for and with the government for many years, and that it is “sacrosanct to go within the chain of command.” Hostin then argued that Milley’s move was essentially a coup.

“I think there’s just no excuse for a silent coup, which I think that’s what that is,” she said.

Host Sara Haines agreed with Hostin for the most part, but admitted she was okay with the fact that Milley also reportedly used his spot on the chain of command to tell those below him not to listen to any instructions advising a nuclear strike without informing him.

“That, to me, was a safety net,” Haines said. “A bit of a whistleblower saying ‘You guys, look me in the eye right now, we’re not pushing buttons, okay?’”

But Haines added that she thinks Milley should not have reported to China at any point. “Even if Trump’s in charge, you go within,” she argued.

At that, host Joy Behar took issue, arguing that Milley was the only person who stepped up in Trump’s cabinet, which she believes should’ve invoked the 25th amendment.

“The whole time that Trump was president, I was home saying ‘Please God, make there be an adult who controls this lunatic,” Behar said. “I was praying. ‘Let there be somebody in the room who holds his arm back when he goes to that button.’”

From there, the hosts argued on how this same scenario might’ve been received, if it was happening during Biden’s administration. You can watch the full segment from “The View” above.

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