The Woman in the Wall fans are all saying same thing about bittersweet finale…

The Woman in the Wall: Official trailer

The Woman in the Wall viewers were left in tears as they listened to an unreleased Sinead O’Connor song which played out across the countryside in the BBC drama’s final instalment.

Protagonist Lorna Brady (played by Ruth Jones) and Detective Colman Akande (Daryl McCormack) teamed up after discovering of the 298 children at the Kilkinure convent, 208 were stolen and sold. Only three had official burial records, leaving 87 children unaccounted for.

After finding out who was responsible for selling children, viewers discovered Lorna placed Aoife Cassidy (Fiona Bell) inside the walls of her home.

She thought she’d killed Aoife while sleepwalking or while she was intoxicated, but Aoife was very much still alive as Lorna rebuilt the wall.

It transpired that Aoife suffered from catalepsy, which is a rare side effect of untreated epilepsy triggered by high emotional stress.

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It can give the appearance of death. However, she actually woke up inside the wall of Lorna’s house and managed to scramble up into her loft where she later died.

Colman begged Lorna to say she was not mentally sound when she concealed a body in her walls, but the latter wanted to accept her punishment and was subsequently arrested.

She was later put behind bars, but a Colman visited her at the very end of the series with a surprise.

Colman had tracked down Lorna’s long-lost daughter Agnes and set up a video call with her which is how the drama ended.

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Viewers were left in tears over the bittersweet ending as Sinead’s angelic voice played in the background.

Avril shared on X, formerly known as Twitter: “Gosh, that was so intense. I am an emotional wreck. This drama is one of the best I have watched in a long time. It is more than worthy of an award as is its superb actress Ruth Wilson. #TheWomanInTheWall.”

Mindy penned: “Absolutely loved the #BBCSeries #TheWomanInTheWall! Very emotional watch superbly acted by all involved. A real triumph by #IrishActors once again! Superbly written, beautifully filmed and dealing with a shameful period in Irish History still impacting Women and communities.”

Cara Manning shared: “Wow, what an amazing series, it’s scary that it was based on real events #TheWomanInTheWall.”

Another added: “Everything was meticulous in this series, the acting, the language and some amazing music too – Sinead O’Connor, Cocteau Twins, Dead man’s bones #TheWomanInTheWall.”

Sestra said: “Absolutely outstanding, both the drama and your performance. Great acting from an inspired cast, and beautifully written. #thewomaninthewall.”

Sam wrote: “I want to write a whole review on #TheWomanInTheWall because I have so many thoughts and feelings on how incredible and important this show is. I am blown away truly #RuthWilson.”

The Woman in the Wall episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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