The Woman in the Wall fans work out Lorna Brady baby twist after spotting clue

The Woman in the Wall: Official trailer

The Woman in the Wall fans believe they’ve worked out where Lorna Brady’s (played by Ruth Wilson) baby is after spotting a clue in the latest episode.

During Sunday’s show, viewers saw Lorna questioned by the police over the disappearance of Aoife (Fiona Bell), who was once a nun at the laundry.

Not knowing Lorna has her dead body hidden in her walls at home, they reveal Aoife’s daughter Olivia (Alexandra Moloney) is coming down to help with the search.

Shocked to learn the nun went on to have a daughter of her own after Lorna last saw her leaving the delivery room with her own child, fans think Olivia could be hers.

Although it transpired at the end of the episode that her daughter had died after two days, which was on a death certificate, fans aren’t convinced that’s the truth.

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@_briancallaghan tweeted: “Aoife’s daughter is coming to help with the search. What if Aoife’s daughter is actually Lorna’s daughter.”

@AmyB45904287 said: “I don’t think Lorna’s baby shivered to death. Who writes shivered to death on an official form? No, I think Olivia is her child, and she knows that Lorna is her mum. Why else would she randomly rock up at hers like that, really?”

With @AlghraniT adding: “Lorna discovers death certificate for her daughter Agnes, died 2 days from shivering. It could be a fake used to change name and adopt.”

Speaking to, actress Ruth Wilson explained what attracted her to playing Lorna in the BBC drama.

She said: “I remember reading it thinking, God, this is really swimming on something fascinating.

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“I thought it was totally unique in the way it was written. I thought it felt it was laced through a number of different genres.

“But it was about something really vital and something I didn’t really know much about.

“Again, I’d watched The Magdalene Sisters and Philomena but I didn’t know a huge amount.

“So I thought wow, this is this is a really interesting and creative way of bringing this story to a wider audience but also swimming on something about female trauma.”

Next week, it looks as though Lorna has had enough of not knowing anything about her baby and makes a huge decision.

A synopsis for the upcoming episode reads: “Aoife’s body is missing and Lorna is devastated by the news of the death of her child.

“The search for her daughter’s grave becomes ever more fraught, so she takes matters into her own hands and heads back to the convent.

“Back in Dublin, Colman is reprimanded for his renegade actions, as a shocking revelation builds a new connection in the case.”

The Woman in the Wall continues Sunday on BBC One from 9pm

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