The World’s Toughest Prisons Tacumbu: Where is Richard Moray ‘The Panther’ boxer now?

Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons: Expert explores Tacumbu

Episode one of Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons follows Raphael Rowe as he spends the week in Paraguay’s Tacumbu prison, commonly known as “the most dangerous prison on earth”. During his stay, Rowe met aspiring boxer Richard Moray, known as The Panther or La Pantera, but where is the boxer now? has everything you need to know.

Where is The Panther now?

Richard Moray was an aspiring boxer, following in the footsteps of his professional boxing father.

His father was nicknamed “The Panther”, with Moray coining the nickname Panther Junior from a young age.

As a man, Moray assumed his father’s title but things took a turn when he got involved in drugs and in 2012, was sentenced to seven years in Tacoma for aggravated robbery.

As seen in the Netflix docuseries, Moray was training for his comeback fight, while incarcerated.

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The event was promoted as part of the South American Boxing Championship and was organized and financed by the Ministry of Justice.

The match itself was promoted by the Justice Ministry in Paraguay as an example of prison rehabilitation.

The fight was broadcast across the country on the government’s public channel and social networks.

Members of parliament, the authorities, relatives and selected inmates attended the fight, held in a boxing ring next to the notorious Tacoma prison.

Speaking ahead of the match, Moray told the Associated Press: “For me, it’s important to win the fight, but the priority is to show society that I have recovered from my vices and say to my fellow inmates that they shouldn’t give up when things are bad because they’ve made mistakes.”

The Panther was victorious, knocking out Brazilian Carlos “Caolho” Santos de Jesus in the first of 12 rounds.

Moments before the fight was scheduled to begin, Moray was visited by his father whom he had not seen in four years.

Paraguayan boxing officials said the fight earned Moray the super welterweight title of South America.

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In July 2019, The Associated Press and several other South American news outlets reported The Panther was granted parole, less than a week after he won the boxing march.

As part of his parole, he was ordered to coach boxing for inmates at a prison in the Paraguayan capital as part of his community service.

He had served six years and eight months of his seven-year sentence when he was granted parole.

As of summer 2019, there has been no further update on the Panther’s whereabouts.

Tacumbu is home to 3,000 inmates despite the prison’s capacity being just 800.

There are approximately 35 guards for all of the inmates and the prison has been home to several riots, drug dealings and killings of inmates and guards.

There is on average a death every 14 days and just two weeks before Rowe and the documentary team visited the prison, there was a riot in which two inmates were killed.

Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons is streaming on Netflix now.

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