This Morning guests ‘scolded’ in interview as they claim ‘it all went wrong’

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This Morning guests Jess Quith and her Grandma Norma reflected on their chaotic chat with hosts Josie Gibson and Craig Doyle.

The duo appeared on the ITV show in April this year as they spoke about their rise to stardom on TikTok as the globe has fallen in love with the “granfluencer”.

However, the chat wasn’t plain sailing as it seemed a string of mishaps occurred, even before the cameras started rolling.

Taking to social media after their live appearance, Jess couldn’t contain her laughter as she told their 1.7 million followers what had just happened in a clip captioned: “When you go on LIVE TV and it ALL goes wrong,”

She said: “We’ve just been live on ITV This Morning. Shall we give a bit of a storytime on what happened?”

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Norma quickly commented: “Well, I’m in shock.”

Her granddaughter continued: “So this morning, obviously I was running late, we’ve had a cameraman come to the house, he was lovely.”

Norma agreed about the kind man before admitting she was having trouble with her hearing which threw her off.

Jess added: “I said to Lee, the cameraman, nan needs to have one hearing aid in, and then on the other side she’d got an AirPod to hear what the presenters were saying.”

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Knowing that she’d have to repeat questions if Norma was unable to hear, the set-up all seemed to be going according to plan, until the last moment.

She added: “30 seconds before we went live, somebody tuned in to Lee and said, ‘Get that hearing aid out and get the AirPod in.”

Revealing she couldn’t hear, Norma chimed in: “This was sort of panic station.”

However, it wasn’t just the audio that caused a problem as shortly after they started speaking to the hosts, the phone rang.

Showing a snippet of the interview, Craig scolded the duo in a stern voice as he said: “Oh the phone, come on, pick it up.”

Although Norma seemed none the wiser at the interruption as she told Jess she couldn’t hear it ring.

Despite the slight blunders along the way, Jess told her followers it was still a good experience.

She added: “Other than that, what a fantastic experience for me and you.”

Agreeing, Norma said: “It’s been amazing.” has reached out to ITV for comment.

This Morning continues weekdays on ITV from 10am

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