Tipping Point fans moan get on with it as they fear show will run over time

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    ITV Tipping Point viewers were all saying the same thins after over a player's "annoying” habit left them fearing the episode may never end.

    Ben Shephard, 48 welcomed three new hopeful contestants wanting to win some big cash.

    But viewers were left frustrated at one player’s “annoying” habit on the show and took to Twitter to demand them to stop.

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    Nick caused a stir with his “constant” chatting as he meticulously explained all his answers for every question.

    Fans at home were left irked by the habit, with some fearing the show would run over it’s time slot.

    “I’ve learned more from Nick in one hour than I did in five years of high school. Make of that what you want,” said one fan.

    A second added: "Nick's made his way into the final, and so today's Tipping Point will probably last until about a quarter past five."

    “Get on with it Nick!,” penned a third.

    Nick’s demeanor paid off however as he managed to make to the final.

    He stormed through the round and landed the jackpot counter, takin home a whopping £10k.

    Tipping Point Lucky Stars recently kicked off with Tony Blackburn, Tim Vine and Megan McKenna joining fans.

    Megan was branded 'hopeless' on ITV's Tipping Point Lucky Stars on Sunday as she flunked 'hard questions' including how many letters are in the the alphabet.

    After her appearance on the ITV quiz show fronted by Ben Shephard, the Ex On The Beach and Celebrity Big Brother star, aged 30, was unkindly labelled as 'the thickest ever' contestant on the show by viewers.

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    “In what would be a piece of #TippingPoint history, Nick might be the first contestant ever to actually *talk* the Jackpot Counter out of the machine …” said one fan.

    Fans eventually warmed to the player, congratulating him and wishing him well on spending his money on a trip to New Zealand to see his son.

    “Lovely #tippingpoint , deserved win and a very happy Nick off to see his son,” gushed one fan.

    “Well done Nick !! First class all the way to #NewZealand,” penned a second, while a third added: “Well done and many Congratulations to Nick on £10K win and enjoy New Zealand sweetheart Xx.”

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