Tipping Point: Kerry Katona threatens to walk off Lucky Stars ‘Shall I just go home?’

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Kerry joined comedian and actor Miles Jupp and Newsnight presenter Kirst Wark on tonight’s Tipping Point: Lucky Stars as the trio took on the famous ITV machine. With host Ben Shephard keeping a watchful eye on proceedings and providing the questions, the celebrities went head to head to try and shimmy as many counters as possible out of the machine. However, former I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! star Kerry found herself struggling to answer the first few questions.

As the game kicked off, it was Miles who looked in top form to take on the machine in Sunday’s Tipping Point: Lucky Stars.

After answering the first of Ben’s question correctly, he shrewdly passed responsibility onto Kirsty to pop a counter in – which gave back none in return.

Kirsty also weighed in with a few correct answers of her own afterwards, pocketing a handful of counters for her charity.

Kerry, on the other hand, began to grow frustrated with how the show unfolded, especially when Miles buzzed in and got a wrong answer to a question she knew.

“I was gonna press that!” she told her co-star as he looked on disappointed with his error.

Kirsty went onto joke Miles was “premature” with his answer, prompting laughter from Kerry and the ITV audience.

But when Kirsty then went on to answer a Mars-related question correctly, Kerry teased she was going to leave her co-stars to it.

Kerry held her head in her hand, prompting Ben to commment: “Kerry’s panicking down the end at the moment.”

“Shall I just go home?” Kerry jokingly said as she threatened to do a runner.

However, Ben assured she’d be taking part sooner rather than later.

“Oh no,” the Tipping Point host said. “We’ll get to you, don’t worry.”

And it’s a good job Kerry stayed put as her fortunes soon turned.

Kerry managed to outdo Kirsty on the show, racking up more in her prize fund than the journalist.

This left her in a head-to-head with Miles to see who would be crowned the show’s winner and have a chance at the jackpot counter.

And Kerry managed to outperform the actor and make it to the final round with the prospect of £20,000 up for grabs.

However, it was a round of mixed emotions as Kerry took on the machine one final time.

The singer had managed to manoeuvre the jackpot counter all the way to the edge of the drop zone before she ran out of questions.

Ben, as he normally does, asked her if she wanted to trade the money she’d already won for three extra counters to try and knock it off.

Saying she’d “kick herself” if she didn’t give it a go, Kerry took Ben up on his offer.

However, she failed to knock the jackpot counter off the shelf, leaving the show with a consolation £1,000 for her charity.

Tipping Point continues weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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