Toyah and Spider split as he sides with hateful anti-refugee extremist in Corrie

Toyah (Georgia Taylor) was left heartbroken in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street when she made a shocking discovery about Spider (Martin Hancock).

A viral video that showed a gang of racist thugs attack Daryan (Twana Omer) had made its way round the residents of the street and left them horrified.

Alya (Sair Khan) was particularly affected by the video and took it upon herself to try and identify the assailants and prove that Griff (Michael Condron) was among them.

She showed the video to Toyah, hoping she would be able to recognise one of them. However, Toyah was shocked to realise that one member of the gang was much closer to home, as she recognised Spider’s eyes.

It wasn’t long before the police came calling and took Spider in for ‘questioning’.

Viewers will know that Spider is actually working undercover to shut down the extremism group.

He explained how difficult it was to stand by and watch Daryan be attacked but was assured by his colleagues that if he wants to see Griff go down for longer than a couple of years, then he needs to remain a part of the gang.

Back on the street, Toyah wanted answers.

She arrived at the Rovers to find Spider drinking with Griff, where he prepared to drop a bombshell.

As part of his plan to regain Griff’s trust, he made Toyah believe he agreed with his friend’s views.

Toyah was disgusted and made it clear that if he really feels that way, then they can’t be together.

As he insisted that Griff was right, she ended their relationship for good.

Having won Griff over once more, could Spider be nearing the end of his operation to see Griff sent to prison for a very long time?

And what does this mean for Toyah and Spider?

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