TV hosts have no idea who Prime Minister Liz Truss is at Queens funeral

The new Prime Minister Liz Truss attended the Queen’s funeral service at Westminster Abbey today but Australian news presenters struggled to identify her.

Thousands of people descended upon London this morning (September 19) to witness the Queen’s funeral at Westminster Abbey after the monarch died last week.

Among the contingent were some of the world’s most important leaders, including US President Joe Biden and French president Emmanuel Macron.

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But, despite being newly installed as the Prime Minister by the Queen only two days before her death, some TV hosts had no idea who she was.

As the PM’s black car pulled up outside the Abbey, Australian news host Peter Overton on 9News said: “Hard to identify, maybe minor royals, I can’t identify them at this point unfortunately."

Also commentating, Tracy Grimshaw agreed, adding: “They look like they could well be local dignitaries. It’s difficult to see, we’re looking at the backs of their heads.

Quickly rushing to cover up their error, Peter interjected: “I’m just told that was Liz Truss, the new Prime Minister that we could see in the distance that we could see hopping out of their car.”

After the faux-pas, Liz entered the Abbey and gave a short reading.

During the ceremony, much of the spotlight was on Prince Harry, who sat alongside his wife Meghan Markle directly behind his father Prince Charles, and made occasional glances at his brother Prince William.

The ex-royal did not wear his military outfit and instead dressed in his morning suit, like his uncle Prince Andrew, due to their status as non-working royals.

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And, some royal fans were even left outraged after Harry was prevented from saluting the Queen’s coffin as it went past because of royal rules.

Having completed this morning’s ceremony, the Royal Family arrived at Windsor, where Queen Elizabeth will be laid to rest alongside her husband Prince Philip.


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