'Twilight' Fans Missed out on 1 Sweet Scene Because of Makeup Issues

There are plenty of reasons why the Twilight movies were so popular. However, one reason is certainly due to the fact that the films were so faithful to the eponymous books. Written by Stephenie Meyer: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn were all bestsellers and ensured that the five films would have a massive built-in audience who were eager to see their favorite characters brought to life in a new way.

Though Meyer didn’t become a producer and screenwriter on the Twilight movies until the later films, she had a lot of influence on them. Because the original production company that purchased the rights to Twilight planned to change her story in a drastic way, she did everything that she could to make sure that Summit Entertainment (the company that eventually produced and distributed the blockbuster films) stayed true to her books.

The ‘Twilight’ movies weren’t always faithful to the eponymous books

Of course, Meyer couldn’t always ensure that the Twilight movies covered every detail that she thought was important from the books. Often, she had to make peace with the fact that there simply wasn’t enough time to cover all the important plot points that she’d placed in the books. Other times, the author disagreed with how the characters were behaving, but she was overruled. And, occasionally, it was technology that stopped her story from being fully realized on film.

One sweet scene that ultimately landed on the cutting room floor due to technology featured Bella and Jake growing old together. Fans of the Twilight books will recall that in Eclipse, Bella has a vision of a potential life with her best friend, Jacob, after they kiss on the mountain right before the fight with the newborn vampires begins. In the vision, Bella imagines herself growing old with the werewolf, and being surrounded by their kids, the latter being something she believed she could never have with her then-fiancé, Edward.

Why the scene of Bella and Jacob growing old got deleted

Though the aforementioned scene never made it into the movies, it was filmed. However, the prosthetic makeup needed to age Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner (the actors who portrayed Bella Swan and Jacob Black in the Twilight movies) looked so terrible, the scene landed on the chopping block. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, David Slade, who directed Eclipse, got candid about the deleted scene.

“There were a lot of issues with prosthetic makeup,” Slade revealed. “It gives me a bit of a shiver, as a filmmaker. As an idea, it was wonderful. What happens with a film is it becomes organic and it grows, and it tells you what it wants, and it was screaming loudly, ‘I don’t want that!’ to me.” We’re sure that Twilight fans who were Team Jacob are sad that they never got to see the scene on screen. But it’s likely for the best that the scene exists only in Meyer’s book and in the imagination of loyal fans.

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