Tyrone confesses a very strange addiction in Corrie

Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) told his mum and Abi Webster (Sally Carman) about a past addiction during Thursday’s (September 7) episode of Coronation Street – but it wasn’t exactly the same as Cassie (Claire Sweeney) and Abi’s.

Yesterday, Tyrone had to deal with Cassie being rushed to hospital after relapsing. The newcomer is addicted to drugs and has been clean for a few weeks, but overdosed after purchasing some gear from a dealer called Dean.

Cassie was then told to spend the night at the precinct flat rather than stay Tyrone’s home and was touched when Abi arrived to offer some support.

Tonight, Abi continued to help and told Cassie that she needed to eat something, but she was in the middle of intense withdrawal symptoms and wasn’t exactly in the mood to be pleasant.

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Focus then turned to an upcoming support group meeting. Abi was going and invited Cassie, with Tyrone agreeing to come along as well.

The meeting involved speaking about addiction and when Ty arrived, he happily helped himself to the tea and cake, but then accidentally made a comment about how he used to be addicted to Battenberg and other sweet treats when he was younger.


As the chat got underway, Abi spoke about the temptation to score. She said that drugs is like having an ex boyfriend who keeps texting to ask about meeting up and even though you know you shouldn’t, it’s certainly tempting to see him again.

Back at the flat, a curious Tyrone asked Cassie about what she had to go through when she was younger after alluding to it in the meeting.

Cassie said that when she was 16, she became a prostitute.

Tyrone was devastated to hear this. All he could think about was how if Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) changed the way she raised Cassie and never threw her out, she never would’ve ended up in that situation.

At Tyrone’s, an angry and hurt Evelyn told her grandson that the worst she ever did was tell Cassie to take her elbows off the table, or to eat her vegetables because children in other countries can’t afford food. She maintained that if Cassie said something about her past, it was more than likely going to be a lie.

Tyrone failed to side with his Gran and said it would be best if she stayed at the flat for a while.

‘Obviously Tyrone’s only getting part of the story, and of course Evelyn can be quite guarded and closed off about things and therefore it is hard to piece it together,’ actor Alan Halsall explained.

‘If you think about all those years and years and years of what she was going through with Cassie and she was still trying to help her and in some ways she’s trying to rectify it all through Tyrone and the girls but Tyrone just can’t quite see that yet.

‘He feels betrayed by Evelyn at the moment. In terms of not understanding why she would lie to him if she’s supposed to love him. He can’t quite see that. There was a lot of love involved in those lies and probably a lot of pain for Evelyn too.’

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