Unsolved Mysteries fans disgusted as black man brutally murdered after being left by 'scum' friends at 'racist' party

NETFLIX viewers hope the men who left their black friend behind at a "racist" party before he died "can’t sleep at night".

Viewers of Unsolved Mysteries were left enraged over the story of Alonzo Brooks, 23, who went missing and was found dead after going to a local house party in rural Kansas.

Alonzo was last seen on April 3, 2004, at the party but was left there by his friends who were confused about who was giving who a ride home.

He never made it home. 

A month after Brooks disappeared, his family was finally given permission to search the immediate surrounding area and found his body by a nearby creek within an hour.

Although the coroner could not determine the cause of death, his family said Alonzo was murdered in a hate crime.

His mother Maria told US news show Dateline: “I’m Mexican and his father is Black.

“So he’s mixed. They didn’t just target one race. Or kill one race. They killed two. He was targeted because of the colour of his skin.”

Police are now investigating a potential racist motive, with Alonzo being one of three black people at the 100-strong party, which took place in a predominantly white neighbourhood.

Alonzo's friends claimed he was the target of several racial slurs during the party and that he was angrily approached by a white man.

But viewers think the friends that left him behind are "just as guilty" for his death.

They took to Twitter to describe the friends as "scum" for taking him to the "racist town" in the first place and leaving him there.

One Twitter user wrote: "How do you leave your black friend at a party, an hour from home, with a bunch of racists and think nothing of it? Then say 'we never really talked about colour' I'm floored. Worst people ever."

Another said: "This is a hate crime!!!! His white friends left him at the party being the only black man in a racists town and the racists murdered him. They should live with the guilt for the REST OF THEIR LIVES!!!"

One person said there are "rules" to abide by when going out and that is "who you come with, is who you leave with".

They added: "Chad and them knew that spot was in an area that was racist af and left him anyway. This is why you can never trust them. They ain't your friends for real."

But there might be hope the truth will be revealed after the FBI announced it was reopening the case into Alonzo's death and is offering a $100,000 for vital information.

 The show's official Twitter account for the show offered viewers a huge update on the case.

It read: "Update: The body of Alonzo Brooks was exhumed this morning. His case was recently reopened by the @FBI who are offering a $100K reward for tips leading to an arrest. If you know something please come forward. #unsolvedmysteries #Justiceforalonzobrooks."

Unsolved Mysteries executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer also revealed that Alonzo's case was the one they'd received the most tips on.

She told Variety: "Alonzo Brooks was probably [the case] we've received the most emails on.

"Lots of theories that we had already heard when we were producing the episodes, but there are some new names that have come in and that we forwarded onto the FBI.

"There were a lot of people there at that party, somebody witnessed what happened. We just hope that they'll come forward.

She added: "The FBI offering that $100,000 dollar reward, which they just announced in the last month.

"That was so incredible and hopefully motivates somebody to come forward with what they know in that case, because somebody knows."

Attorney Stephen McAllister agreed that Alonzo's death was suspicious: “It defies reason to believe that Alonzo’s death was a suicide or that he somehow accidentally tumbled into a relatively shallow creek, in Linn County, leaving behind his boots and hat, all with no witnesses whatsoever.”

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