Victoria Beckham mocks David’s dress sense after revealing their home has been flooded – The Sun

VICTORIA Beckham had to deal with a flood at the family's £6million Cotswolds mansion today – but she still found time to mock husband David's dress sense.

The 46-year-old fashionista went out for a walk with the former football ace while a workman tackled the aftermath of an overflowing bath at their country pad.

David posted a picture of himself in lord-of-the-manor mode, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a wool jacket, clutching a walking stick with one hand around his wife's shoulder.

Meanwhile, Victoria went out in the sunshine in a khaki jacket, white T-shirt and jeans, smiling at the camera with one hand in her pocket.

David, 45, wrote: "Saturday sunshine walk but someone isn’t overly impressed with my hat 🤨 I obviously love it 😆."

Victoria remarked: "The hat looked ok before someone ran it over 🥴😂🥴😂."

However, back at the house, a workman with the aptly showbiz-like name of Des O'Connor was busy tackling a flood.

Posh posted a video of him with a pile of equipment, saying: "Hi I'm Des O'Connor. I've come to help David and Victoria flooding the flood in the house.

"This is my dehumidifier to help dry out this flooring and the carpet and hopefully get them back to right as soon as possible." to which she replied: "Thanks, Des."

Victoria captioned the video: "Socially-distanced emergency repair visit from Des O'Connor! Who knew?! Worth having a minor flooding incident with an overfilled bath for."

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