Viewpoint blasted as 'nothing on Line of Duty' as viewers complain thriller is 'sending them to sleep'

VIEWPOINT has been blasted as 'nothing on Line of Duty' as viewers complain the thriller is 'sending them to sleep'.

The new ITV drama airs across five consecutive nights this week and DC Martin King (Noel Clarke) set up surveillance in the flat of single mum Zoe Sterling, played by Alexandra Roach.

Martin, investigating the disappearance of teacher Gemma Hillman (Amy Wren), is interested in the goings on of her boyfriend Greg Sullivan (Fehinti Balogun) – living in their home across the road.

However, as the first episode wore on, some viewers were not as gripped by the drama as they hoped they would be.

Making matters worse, many of them had watched the gripping penultimate episode of series six of Line of Duty the night before, and so had high expectations.

Sharing a gif of Chandler from Friends nodding off, one viewer tweeted: "#Viewpoint is no Line Of Duty is it?"

Another added: "Not sure if it's Boring because I'm comparing it to line of duty or just if it's boring in general #viewpoint."

A fellow viewer tweeted: "Maybe we’ve been spoilt with Line of Duty and Too Close, but this is a bit naff isn’t it."

Meanwhile another wrote: "Trouble is when you watch Line of Duty nothing else seems that good!"

Other viewers took issue with a plot hole which saw Martin called away to attend to his son in hospital while he was on surveillance watching Gemma's home.

As he left his post leaving the long-lensed camera running, but instructing Zoe not to interfere, before requiring her help with it while he was absent later in the episode.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "#Viewpoint as if the surveillance guy has left his post and is now asking the flat owner to do his job.. Utter nonsense!"

"#Viewpoint I don't get this," added another. "A member of the public doing the police surveillance work!"

Viewpoint continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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