Was the 'Avengers: Endgame' Re-Release Worth It? Fans Weigh in on the Additional Footage

The Avengers: Endgame re-release has been both the subject of widespread acclaim and extensive criticism. While some fans believe the re-release – aiming to seize the box-office record from Avatar – catalyzed a friendly competition between two mega-successful tales, others smell a money-hungry ploy coming from a franchise that doesn’t need any financial pick me ups.

Whether you’re an advocate or an opponent of the decision, one question lingers in everyone’s mind: is it worth it? Now that the re-release has been available for quite some time, many fans have flocked to the theatre to sit through the 3-hour epic once more. So, was it worth their time? First, we need to discuss that the “additional footage” consists of.

What additional footage is included with the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ re-release? 

*additional footage spoilers ahead”

The Avengers: Endgame re-release comes with some exciting new footage, but it is not a Director’s cut, nor are any “almost” scenes reincorporated into the meat of the film, as many fans initially assumed would be the case. Instead, a few additions come at the beginning and the end. 

According to Cnet, the re-release opens with Tom Holland informing fans that a preview for Spider-Man: Far From Home will play after Avengers: Endgame. Anthony and Joe Russo then appear, and they tell fans to stick around for “something special” following the credits.

Following the Avengers: Endgame viewing, fans will witness a heartwarming tribute to the late Stan Lee, during which Lee explains that he wrote the comics to pay rent, and never thought his work would become the phenomenon it did. 

Fans will also witness a deleted scene featuring The Hulk. The snippet shows The Hulk rescuing people from a burning building before receiving a call from Captain America, according to Cnet. The opening scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home follows the Hulk’s brief rescue mission and phone conversation.

Was the additional footage in the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ re-release worth fans’ time?  

Fans have spoken out concerning the additional footage, and the consensus is: if you’re going to see Endgame once again for the additional footage alone, you might want to sit this one out. When discussing the re-release, fans shared the following comments:

“It wasn’t worth the price of admission (and I paid $5 for the matinee).”  

“…I’d say if you’re there for new content, not worth it, see Spiderman instead. If you’re there for rewatching Endgame in general, sure.”

While many fans chimed in to explain that the additional footage, in and of itself, may not be worth the three-hour commitment, Endgame will become a classic, which is reason enough to hit the theater once more.

You will only have so much time to witness the conclusion to such an epic saga in cinemas; thus, if you’re going for that reason as well, the additional footage may function as a small bonus to the viewing experience. One fan stated:

“I don’t really mind if the extra scenes after the credits are worth it, I’m only really going to see it again because I know I’d probably regret not seeing Endgame one last time in the cinema. Plus it’ll be my fourth time seeing it the cinema, I saw Infinity War four times as well, so it’ll make it perfectly balanced.” 

The Hulk scene and the Stan Lee tribute may be satisfying additions, but if you’re not looking to sit through the whole film again, sit this re-release out. The material will likely not be worth your time and money, and it will be accessible in other ways soon enough.

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