What is the Amanda Holden and Phillip Schofield feud about and will she be sacked from Britain's Got Talent?

AMANDA Holden and Phillip Schofield are still at odds, following a dispute about TV work and a number of shocking public revelations.

It kicked off when the Britain's Got Talent judge wasn't allowed to cover for Holly Willoughby on This Morning. And now Amanda claims Phillip ignored her attempt to make peace! Here's what we know so far…

What has Amanda Holden said about her feud with Phillip Schofield?

Amanda confirmed her feud with Phillip Schofield on her radio show on June 24 – and blasted him for refusing to make up with her.

The mother-of-two was hoping to go for a coffee with the host, only for him to ignore her text message.

Talking to her radio co-host Jamie Theakston, Amanda said: "I've moved on from it, Jamie, you need to move on from it."

He replied: "You might have moved on but I just wanted to know, is there any more to the story?"

The TV favourite explained: "I did offer to meet him for a coffee months ago, he didn't reply to my text.

"What can I say?"

Jamie pushed: "The olive branch had been extended."

To which she replied: "Oh, yes."

Jamie then asked if there was any chance of a reconciliation, comparing Amanda and Phil's feud to the famous showbiz rift between Taylor Swiftand Katy Perry.

He questioned: "In a kind of Katy Perry/ Taylor Swift moment, will there maybe be a burger and fries moment for you guys?"

But Amanda didn't seem open to the idea, telling him: "I doubt it, I'm a vegetarian, Jamie."

Has Phillip spoke out about his feud with Amanda Holden?

On June 23, Phillip Schofield said he had "another sad weekend" and claimed he tries to be "easy and fun" to work with.

Taking to his Twitter page last night, Phil told his followers: "The end of another really sad weekend."

He added that he had tried to be "the easiest, most fun person to work with" throughout his 35-year career – concluding that he will "take it on the chin".

The presenter has claimed all allegation are "untrue".

Why did Amanda Holden and Phillip Schofield fall out?

Amanda clashed with Phil after she believed he got her axed from This Morning.

She was set to fill in for Holly Willoughby while she was hosting I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! 2018 but the offer was withdrawn at the last minute.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge, 48, thought Phil, 57, was behind her missing out on the coveted role — and were going instead with former girlband star Rochelle Humes, 30.

A source said: “Amanda was so excited when she learnt she had secured the role.

"She is ITV’s golden girl and has always been a firm favourite with This Morning.

“She’s an experienced co-host and has filled in on the sofa on many occasions, including alongside Phil.

“So she was shocked when she was taken out to lunch by ITV executives who told her that unfortunately they couldn’t follow through with the offer.

"During the lunch they let slip they thought the decision had been heavily influenced by Phil and that he had thrown a spanner in the works.

“Their meeting was a few weeks before the news broke that Rochelle would be covering for Holly and Amanda was understandably upset.

“Not only had she cleared her work calendar to fit in the dates but she couldn’t understand why Phil might not want her to be his co-host, as she thought they had a great personal and professional relationship.”

Amanda is believed to have raised the issue with ITV chief Kevin Lygo, following reports he branded her "difficult to manage".

A former daytime TV executive said: “Phillip actively campaigned for Rochelle Humes to get the job despite Amanda being more experienced — and having been told privately she’d got the gig.

"She feels Phil unfairly used his powers of persuasion. She was told he’d chosen Rochelle because she was easier to ‘manage’ on air – and understandably that incensed her."

However, Phil has denied the allegations on Twitter and claimed the story was "untrue".

ITV has tried to dispel the alleged feud between the ITV regulars by issuing a statement, which read:

“Presenter line-ups on This Morning change regularly. Final decisions are made by producers, not presenters.

"Phillip is a much-loved broadcaster and part of the ITV family. He’s a consummate professional and held in high regard at ITV.

“Amanda is also held in high regard as a judge on one of our biggest shows.”

When did Amanda confront Phil?

Shortly after learning her work offer was off, Amanda was interviewed by Phil and Holly on October 8, 2018 about her work with the charity, Tommy’s.

During an ad break she confronted Phil about her suspicions.

The source added: “She made it clear that she felt very let down.

“He was lost for words but didn’t have much time to respond to Amanda’s claims because the show was going back on air.

“Neither of them realised that Amanda could be overheard by most of the team because she was still wearing her mic pack.”

Amanda has since confirmed on her Heart Fm show that she reached out to the legendary presenter and offered an "olive branch coffee".

However, her text message inviting Phil out for drink was ignored by the host, with the mother-of-two saying: "He didn't reply to my text."

At present, the pair show no signs of patching things up as Amanda also took a swipe at the This Morning regular on her radio show.

When asked what three things she wouldn’t like to find in her home. She replied: “Spiders, flies and PhilSchofield.”

What have This Morning presenters said about the feud?

This Morning's craft segment host, Sophie Prescott, has leapt to Schofe's defence and made shocking claims about Amanda – despite only working with her once.

"Amanda was all 'me, me, me'," she told the Daily Mirror about her appearance alongside Amanda last October for a Halloween segment

"I put on a brave happy face doing the show but Amanda was very off-putting during my live appearance, kept asking questions, kept interfering and I felt she was a very controlling person. You'd think she owned the show the way she carried on and I never liked her from that moment on.

Craft Queen Sophie – who has appeared on the show 24 times – branded Amanda "unprofessional" and added: "Whatever beef she has with Philip should be dealt with behind close doors."

Sophie continued: "Who does Amanda think she is, marching into Kevin Lygo's office demanding answers on what she alleges that is supposed to have happened? Amanda should be 'yellow-carded' and told to shut up or face getting the sack from Britain's Got Talent."

Meanwhile, she had nothing but praise for Schofe and said: "Philip has always offered me a warm welcome, he's a true gentleman who is very professional and genuinely cares about the people he works with on This Morning.

"As far as I'm concerned, the picture she is painting of Philip of being ruthless and unkind is simply not true in my opinion."

When is This Morning on?

This Morning is on weekdays on ITV.

You can catch it Monday to Friday from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

If you miss it you can watch it on the ITV Hub.

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