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SOUTH Park have mocked Andrew Tate as being a "sex trafficker" in an episode of their controversial cartoon.

The long-running adult comedy is known for poking fun at celebrities, and made the misogynistic Influencer their target.

What South Park episode is Andrew Tate in?

On March 29, 2023 South Park aired their sixth and final episode of season 26.

Called Spring Break, it features a character called Alonzo Fineski who is based on shamed star Andrew Tate.

The episode centres on dad Randy Marsh who is determined to spend the holiday period partying and drinking.

But he gets fed up with his "nerdy" son and friend, and pleads with Alonzo Fineski to help him.

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Randy says: "Look, I'm just trying to combat the messages that the liberal left is putting out to young men about their male instincts being toxic.

"I'm trying to show my son and his nerdy little friend what a real party is because society wants them to be ashamed of their masculine natures."

Alonzo, clutching a gun and a cigar, replies: "I will call some friends."

In a later scene, police officers burst into the party and one tells Alonzo to "freeze", adding: "That's Alonzo Fineski, the Romanian sеx trafficker."

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Alonzo swears and the pair get into a gunfight before he flees.

South Park always airs a disclaimer saying all characters even if they're based on real people are fictional.

Why was Andrew Tate on South Park?

Tate was featured on South Park, as they were mocking him for beingaccused of being a sex trafficker in Romania.

Before being arrested, the controversial Influencer was repeatedly slammed for his social media content, which is considered highly sexist.  

In the South Park episode the character Alfonso is called a "sex trafficker" and a "toxic masculinity coach".

Where is Andrew Tate now?

As of March 31, 2023 Andrew Tate is being held in a Romanian jail amid a probe into human trafficking and rape allegations,

The 36-year-old has been accused of sex trafficking, but has not been charged and denies all allegations made against him.

The controversial influencer built up an image that appealed to teenage boys – creating an online empire that made him one of the most searched people on Google.

Masquerading as lifestyle advice, much of the content is considered highly sexist and is seen as promoting violence against women.

His influence has had a worrying spread amongst young men and boys, with one UK MP saying he is "brainwashing" children.

Tate was arrested alongside his brother Tristan on December 29, 2022.

They are accused of running a trafficking operation and exploiting cam girls – but strongly deny all allegations against them.

The pair have been repeatedly denied bids for freedom as Romanian prosecutors have been granted several 30 day extensions as the investigation continues.

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Andrew and Tristan can held for up to 180 days should another detention extension be granted by the courts.

It means they could be detained pending investigation until June 27, 2023.

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