What was Jenny Agutter’s favourite scene from Call The Midwife? Stars left in tears

Call the Midwife: Jenny Agutter discusses Nonnatus's house

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Call The Midwife season 10 is returning to BBC One this Sunday, April 18, and fans were excited to see the cast again. The series has continued to bring joy and tears to its loyal viewers and the cast opened up to Express.co.uk and other media about their most memorable moments. Sister Julienne actress, Jenny Agutter, chose a scene that left the stars in tears.

What was Jenny Agutter’s favourite scene?

Call The Midwife has just celebrated its 10-year anniversary and the cast and creators have been reflecting on its success.

Fans were thrilled to hear the series would continue despite the obstacles imposed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the main cast took a moment to reminisce on some of the special moments from across the nine previous seasons.

Actress Agutter chose a scene that continues to tug at viewers’ heartstrings – a scene between Chummy (played by Miranda Hart) and her mother Lady Browne (Cheryl Campbell).

In the emotional scene, Chummy is seen sitting at her dying mother’s bedside as she grooms her, brushing her hair and filing her nails.

Her mother then reaches out to touch Chummy’s hair, and Chummy says: “You have never done that before.”

Lady Browne responds: “Oh, I have when you were very, very tiny.” After revisiting the clip, all the stars were left in tears.

Agutter said: “It’s such a simple moment and that’s what’s extraordinary. Heidi always finds something which you perhaps wouldn’t think about.

“This is a way of showing her mother is dying and that moment of just taking care of her, giving her a manicure.

“It gives them a moment to be together. That is the one regret that one has in life, is that you don’t manage to connect with a parent.”

She added: “It’s just beautiful and I just find it very touching.”

Chummy Noakes starred in the first four seasons and she has been described as one of the most kind-hearted characters.

She was loved for her sense of humour, but fans were saddened by her deep lack of self-confidence.

This was partly due to her childhood and the turbulent relationship she had with her mother, whom she believed did not love her.

The show’s creator, Heidi Thomas, said: “Chummy has had an awful relationship with her mother and it moved from being comedic at the end of series one to being more serious.

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“Chummy actually says of her mother when she’s faced with caring for her, ‘I can’t touch her’, and the way they played that scene was so beautiful.

“Because how can you give someone a manicure and not touch them? I haven’t seen that clip for years and it did make me cry.”

Chummy left the series having looked after her terminally ill mother until her dying day.

In the emotional scene, before Lady Browne died, Chummy got into bed with her and remained next to her until she took her final breath.

Chummy told her mother she loved her one final time, and viewers felt her deep sense of loss.

They have since been calling for actress Hart to make a comeback in the series as the beloved Chummy.

The door has always been left open for her character, so hopefully she will return to the show one day.

She was due to star in the season five finale, but she was unavailable due to her busy TV schedule.

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the scene between Chummy and her mother, with one saying: “Trying so hard not to cry at this last Call the Midwife…Chummy and her Mum.”

Another said: “@HeidiThomasMcG Thank you for “Call the Midwife”. The finale was stunning and quite emotional. Chummy and her Mum…sob #CallTheMidwife.”

Call the Midwife season 10 starts on Sunday on BBC One.

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