When Is 'Grey's Anatomy' Coming Back? And More Importantly—Will It Be the Final Season?

It’s only been a few weeks since the season 17 finale of Grey’s Anatomy aired, and I feel like I can’t be the only one still processing what happened at the end of the season. I mean, Meredith is now running the residency program at Grey Sloan, and she may be in a RELATIONSHIP with Dr. McIrish. Teddy and Owen are all boo’d up for the moment, and Maggie and Winston are all married, beachfront-style! Honestly, it’s the perfect ending to what we all could say was a chaotic season…and I’m kinda ready for some more drama to happen within the hospital walls, COVID aside.

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So if you’re like me, there’s one major question on your mind: when is season 18 coming to our screens and give us the perfect Thursday night watch party? We know the show just got renewed, but COME ON—we need to get Meredith back on TV soon!

Well, lucky for you, there are some answers for this very important question.

When is Grey’s Anatomy coming back?

Well, we know that ABC blessed us with a season 18 renewal back in May 2021, so we just need to be thankful for THAT first. Also, COVID restrictions are starting to ease up, so it probably will make the filming schedule way easier than it did this past year.

We do have some unfortunate news though. Sadly, ABC hasn’t given a premiere date yet, so it will still be some time before the show returns to our TV screens. Since new seasons generally begin airing early fall, expect the date to be between mid-September to early October. That sounds like a good amount of time to get the first chunk of episodes filmed, right?

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Do we know if any new characters are coming to Grey Sloan?

Again, that is up to Shondaland to determine for us. We do know this: most of the cast has renewed their contracts through a possible season 19, thank god, so there will be lots of familiar faces. As for new people, Meredith is now running the residency program, and there’s sure to be a newly-minted doctor or two coming through Grey Sloan. TBD!

Biggest question: Will Season 18 be the final one?

Again, you’d need to speak to Shondaland. Deadline did make it extremely clear that Ellen Pompeo only signed a one-year extension contract, and TBH, she can’t do this show forever. Coupled with the exits of some big names this season, including Jesse Williams, she might just hang her latex gloves up and call it a day.

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That being said: nothing is what it seems in the world of television. After all, we all thought season 17 would potentially be the last time we’d see the staff of Grey Sloan. And look what happened there! So really, there’s no telling with this show. And with its extremely dedicated fanbase? Um yeah, there’s definitely more we could be seeing and not knowing just yet. And rightfully so!

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