Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – Where are all the winners of the £1m jackpot now

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire recently returned for its new series and ITV bosses have revealed that one lucky contestant wins the big £1 million on September 11.

The life-changing amount will be won for the first time in 14 years as the challenging game show often sees its contestants either leaving with nothing or enough for a few nice holidays.

But for some lucky chancers, they managed to nab the £1m by answering a serious of gruelling questions right.

The new series has been filmed without a live audience due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the winner nabbed the jackpot without the Ask The Audience lifeline.

So, what happened to all the other winners of the show hosted by Chris Tarrant before Jeremy Clarkson?

Judith Keppel

Twenty years ago in 2000, Judith Keppel was the first person ever to take home the jackpot of £1m.

At the time, the show was hosted by Chris Tarrant and it changed the garden designer's life.

The big question, which earned her fortune was: "Which king was married to Eleanor Aquitaine?"

To which she correctly answered: "Henry II".

Due to her success, she went on to join the quiz show Eggheads.

Eggheads sees a panel of quiz experts compete against contestants in a bid to stop them from winning.

To this day, Judith and her quiz wisdom are still thriving on the show.

David Edwards

A year later, in 2001, another contestant – David Edwards – managed to nab the big prize money.

David also went on to a career as a quiz expert after his win and became a member of the Welsh National Quiz Team..

He also went on to star in Eggheads and competed in its spinoff show, Are You an Egghead?

The point of the spinoff was to win a spot on the main show but sadly, David didn't manage to score a spot.

David has also starred on other quiz shows such as, special edition of The Weakest Link and Mastermind, winning the latter in 1990.

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Robert Brydges

In that same year as David Edwards win, Robert Brydges also had £1m drop into his bank account after he won the show.

He lived in London and studied at Oxford University.

In the September of 2001, the banker's life financially changed – if perhaps not dramatically.

However, there was uproar after Robert won as many viewers complained he was "too rich already" and "shouldn't have been on the show".

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Pat Gibson

Three years went by before another contestant managed to make their way to the £1m prize.

And it was taken home by Irish champion Pat Gibson in 2004.

After guessing every single question correctly, he went on to become a national and international quizzing mastermind following his show stint.

Pat has been winning trophies at the International Quizzing Association’s (IQA) World Quizzing Championships multiple times.

At this current point in time he is ranked the world's number one quiz expert on the World Quiz Rankings website.

Like many of the other winners, he too went on become an Eggheads panelist.

He took over from fellow WWTBAM winner David Edwards, who he competed against for the spot in 2009.

Ingram Wilcox

It was then another two years before another contestant won the jackpot.

In September 2006, Ingram Wilcox was the last person to win the £1m and is a retired civil service worker.

According to reports, the millionaire now lives in the South of France.

The quiz enthusiast had appeared on multiple other quiz shows before Millionaire, including Countdown, Brain of Britain and Masterbrain.

Charles Ingram

Charles Ingram is a former British Army major, who appeared on the show in 2001.

Despite a shaky start, Charles went on to take home the big jackpot.

However he was denied the £1m due to the suspicion of cheating.

Charles went on to star in a number of reality TV shows such as The Games and Celebrity Fear Gate UK following the infamous "coughing gate".

ITV show Quiz, released this year, told Charles' Millionaire story and brought him back into the public eye once more.

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