‘Why give her airtime?’ GMB guest sparks uproar with ‘poor person’ remark

GMB guest compares her Dubai lifestyle to living in the UK

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The socialite spoke with ITV hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard on Thursday’s Good Morning Britain about the new TV show she is starring in, Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich. Caroline appeared on the programme alongside former Dragons’ Den star Richard Farleigh, who completely disagreed with her comments.

“When you’re wealthy in the UK like if you grew up in a mansion or whatever else, they teach you ‘turn off all the lights, turn off the central heating and share a bath with your family,'” Caroline began.

“I didn’t mean it for the poor people, I meant it actually for the wealthy people in the UK who live like that.

“Stately homes, that is how you’re taught to how you should live.”

“Frugal some would call it,” host Kate chipped in.

Caroline went on to explain: “Everybody here in this country has a job, everybody is employed. It’s the only way you can actually stay in Dubai. There isn’t a sense of total hopelessness here.”

Richard went on to brand Caroline’s comments as “rubbish” as he hit back: “You don’t need to get in the bath at 7pm or anything like that.

“You should turn your lights off for the planet and I think Caroline’s out of touch.

“When I was a child I grew up in the care system, I’ve been poorer than most people I know and I am richer than most people I know.”

“She is out of touch with reality,” he added. “Particularly in Dubai, there are a lot of hardworking, poor people.”

Some viewers were left outraged by Caroline’s remarks and took to social media to share their frustrations.

Sandra raged: “What is the point of stories/interviews with seriously wealthy people about their money?

“People in the UK are struggling to heat & eat yet we are subjected to this shoe off! This is obscene! What is the point!” (sic)

User @Uniquedolls said: “WTF is this woman on about.” (sic)

While Rachel quizzed: “Good grief! Why give this vacuous woman airtime?”

Mrs O fumed: “She just used the expression ‘The poor people’ What constitutes ‘The poor people’…why are you giving this woman airtime? Yours sincerely one of the poor people.” (sic)

Viewer Dave went on to brand Caroline’s comments as, “distasteful”.

“If you want to flaunt your wealth it’s your choice however, I think a lot of it is shallow and materialistic!” Louie tweeted.

User Princess said: “Wtf is talking about? We all share baths? She’s just generalised everyone living in the UK.”

Some people did step in to defend Caroline with user Droopy tweeting: “What a hateful, jealous bunch the British public are.”

Stevie praised: “I love #CarolineStanbury, the girl’s done well so let her enjoy life as she chooses.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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