Why is After Life ending after season 3?

Ricky Gervais says he 'can't think of a better ending' for After Life

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After Life season three makes its Netflix debut on January 14 and Ricky Gervais will return for a final time as journalist Tony Johnson. As the series draws to a close, Tony will discover whether he can overcome his wife’s death after all. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about why the show is ending.

Why is After Life ending after season 3?

After Life has brought tears of joy and sadness to countless viewers across the globe.

The uplifting yet heartbreaking story follows Tony as he struggles to forgive the world for his tragic loss.

As he meets various characters along the way, they try to help him rebuild his life without his beloved wife.

The show continues to be a huge hit year on year, so fans may be wondering why it is ending.

Gervais himself said he did not want the series to outstay its welcome.

However, he has not completely ruled out revisiting the story in the future.

He said it was the right decision to end the series with season three but still felt gutted.

Speaking to PA he said: “I said to Netflix, ‘I’ll do one if the second series goes down a storm’, and I kept to that.

“I fell in love with this. And, secretly, for the first time ever, I did want to do a third, and I’m gutted that I’m not doing a fourth, really. But it’s the right decision.”

He explained that artistically, it was right to end the series on a high.

The actor and comedian said a fourth season would be a “no brainer”, but felt it may not be as good if it outstays its welcome.

The show was renewed for a third season as its pace resembles a drama rather than a comedy.

There are more characters with complex story arcs to explore and they evolve over time.

The star has conflicted feelings over the show coming to an end, but fans should not be disheartened.

The Tony Johnson actor said there was potential to revisit the show further down the line.

He told Metro.co.uk: “I am pretty sure it is the final season, 99 per cent sure… never say never.

“I don’t know… could I be persuaded? Well, of course.

“Netflix could offer me a castle and an animal sanctuary on an island…. But at this moment, in time? No, this is it.”

The actor said he did not want to get too upset about the experience coming to a close.

There could possibly be scope for a Christmas special, checking in on some fan-favourite characters.

A fourth season or special one-off episodes is always a possibility and should not be ruled out.

Fans took to Twitter to share their excitement ahead of the final season’s release.

Paul Lima said: “I was almost in tears from the trailer… OK, I was in tears… Damnit, I don’t think I am going to be able to watch the series.”

Nicky Feltham added: “Beyond excited. Snacks and comfy clothes at the ready #AfterLife3.”

After Life season 3 airs on Netflix on January 14.

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