Why 'Shark Tank's' Robert Herjavec Had a Run-In With the Cops

Millionaire Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank spends most of his time running his cybersecurity firm The Herjavec Group or investing in today’s hottest startup companies on the ABC reality show. But recently, he had to take a detour from business when he got in some hot water with the police.

The Twitter post says it all

Early on June 26, Herjavec posted a picture of himself in his car, with a police officer in view through his back window. He captioned the photo, “oh, oh – I promise I wasn’t speeding – let’s see how this ends.”

Followers of Herjavec had some fun by posting some advice and all-around comical comments. “Tell him that this is your first time out of the water….Shark joke!” one follower suggested. “Do sharks also get speeding tickets?” another asked.

Others suggested taking a business approach. “Make him a counter offer,” a follower advised. “Invest in his product and all will be forgiven. Ticket would be cheaper, though,” another commented. One user asked, “Man how you gonna counter this Robert? Can you go out? Will he bring in another Shark?”

An update tweet

Herjavec let hisfollowers know all was well, tweeting, “update – haha – he was super nice – new LA law and no moredealer plates allowed! Be warned !! @LAPDHQ.”

Accordingto CBS Sacramento, at the beginning of 2019 Los Angeles began requiringmore than just paper dealer plates on new or recently purchased cars.

Herjavec will probably never forget that law from here on out.

He does love to drive fast

The savvy investor is known for his love of fast cars. “I always tellpeople I am not as much a collector as I am a driver. I have friends thatcollect cars and keep them for a long time. I, on the other hand, am more intospeed and performance. Older cars tend to drive like older cars. That is notfor me,” Herjavec said in an interview withthe Huffington Post. “I really love to drive. Long before I had money, mypassion for cars was there. Before, it was an old Trans Am; now something witha little more pickup!”

In the interview, Herjavec told of a very sentimental gift he gave to his son that involved a highly coveted auto. “My first significant purchase was a 1986 Ferrari Testarossa. It was the first year they came to North America with the “Miami Vice mirror.” It took me years to save up enough money to buy it, and it was pre-owned… It was an unbelievable moment in my life,” Herjavec said.

“Later, when I was making more money, I sold the car. Even though it was a Ferrari, that model was not a very high performance car compared to others. When my son turned 18 I wanted to do something significant for him. I brought him home from the hospital in the Testarossa. I hired an investigator to find the car, and then hired an actor to go buy it. I had it restored to its original condition. When my son turned 18 years old, I showed him a photo of the car. I explained to him ‘This is the very first motorized vehicle you were in.’ I then proceeded to open the garage and gave him the car.”

Herjavec clearly knows how to give a gift!

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