Yellowstone deleted scenes: How much is cut from the series? Star opens up

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Yellowstone is currently filming on its fourth season ahead of it returning to the Paramount Network. Recently, one of the stars opened up about which scenes are cut from the show – here’s what they revealed.

How much is cut from Yellowstone?

Fans of Yellowstone love the hit Western series and are always keen to know more about how it is filmed.

Luckily for them, one of the stars recently opened up about their time on the show and how filming works.

Posting on Reddit, actor David Brown spoke about playing Jason in seasons one and two.

Fans will remember he was Beth Dutton’s (played by Kelly Reilly) assistant at Schwartz & Meyer.

One thing viewers were interested in from the actor was finding out what moments don’t make it into the final cut.

In response, he revealed there are some moments we don’t see in the episodes.

He wrote: “Yeah, there are deletions for sure. They script it out pretty well though to avoid that I think.”

Brown didn’t give any more information about what scenes these were but fans of the series will be keen to know more.

On the DVD releases, there are several deleted scenes viewers can watch.

This includes a moment from the second season when Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) and Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston) work on plans for their hotel and casino venture.

The star who played Jason also opened up about appearing in scenes alongside stars like Kelly Reilly and Kevin Costner on the show.

He explained: “I only have a few scenes with Kevin Costner, who I get asked about the most obviously, and he was so generous and kind.


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“One scene we were sitting outside chatting at the ranch and I started to shiver because I just had a tank on and he offered me a coat.

“Kelly Reilly who I worked with most is a professional. Great actor. Lovely to work with.”

As well as these stories, fans also wanted to know how the actor felt about leaving the show.

When asked about his character being killed off, he admitted he had some mixed feelings.

He explained: “Such a high and low for an actor. To get through auditions and get cast is amazing.

“To be on the show and film your stuff is incredible. Then to get killed is heart-wrenching.

“It’s so much fun to film a death scene, if only it didn’t end my run on the show…

“I joked with one of the producers they should have me back in a Christmas episode as a ghost like Jacob Marley does to Scrooge.”

Yellowstone season 4 is expected to return in 2021.

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