Yellowstone fans convinced 1883 star returns in 1923

1923: Paramount share trailer for new series

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Hollywood stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren star as brand new members of the Dutton family in Taylor Sheridan’s highly-anticipated prequel series, 1923. As well as serving as an origin story for the present-day Yellowstone Ranch, the Paramount Network’s new spin-off will also feature some direct ties to last year’s 1883, including the potential return of a fan-favourite character.

Fans are hopeful Elsa Dutton (played by Isabel May) will return in some form after narrating her family history in the first look at 1923.

Yellowstone’s first prequel series, 1883, follows Elsa as she travels with her parents James (Tim McGraw) and Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill) across the Oregon Trail before settling in Montana.

In the finale, Elsa is tragically killed after a violent confrontation with Lakota warriors, so it was assumed her story had come to an end.

However, viewers were thrilled to discover her legacy lives on as Isabel appeared to return to narrate the brief look at 1923 before its release next month.

“Violence has always haunted this family,” her voiceover says. “It followed us from the Scottish Highlands to the slums of Dublin.

“And it followed us here. Where it doesn’t follow we hunt it down. We seek it.”

Elsa’s voice sounds over some action-packed clips of the Jacob and Cara Dutton’s battles to keep their ranch amid the challenges of drought, Prohibition and the Great Depression.

After the breakout star was praised for both her performance as Elsa and her poignant narration over 1883, Isabel could return to provide a more soulful voiceover against 1923’s backdrop of violence and family drama.

On Reddit, user cryptic-fox 3 asked: “Who’s voice is that? Elsa Dutton?

“It doesn’t make sense seeing as how she died in 1883. Don’t you think?”

And 7ruby18 commented: “I noticed the voice narrating was that of Elsa Dutton (Isabel May).

“I haven’t watched the show on DVD yet, but I know she dies, and I wonder if her voice/spirit will narrate 1923. Has anyone heard anything about that?”

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Twitter users were more positive about Elsa’s return, with many demanding the actress return to provide more narration for 1883’s sequel series.

Merek Walters wrote: “Elsa’s narration was perfect for 1883 so I hope she narrates 1923 and not just the trailer.”

Excited fan @_taIking2myseIf exclaimed: “Wait HOLD UP. Does Elsa Dutton narrate 1923 too??!”

Kayla Scopel said: “That 1923 preview though!!!! And was that my girl Elsa’s voice?!!???”

And @TMast1331 added: “Why do they have Elsa’s voice narrating the teaser trailer for 1923? Don’t play with me like that.” (sic)

While it’s unlikely Elsa made a miraculous recovery to return in 1923, fans are certainly excited by the prospect of having her spirit live on through the sequel’s narration.

There’s still just over a month to wait before 1923 hits screens, but, thankfully, a new season of Yellowstone’s mainline series returned last week to fill the gap.

Yellowstone season 5 continues Sundays on The Paramount Network in the USA and the following Monday on Paramount+. 1923 premieres Sunday, December 18.

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