Yellowstone season 5: Orli Gottesman teases romance with Carter

Yellowstone: Kevin Costner discusses John and Jamie's storyline

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Yellowstone came to a jaw-dropping end which saw John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) blindsided by his son.  As fans await the return of season five, part two actress Orli Gottesman provided major insight into her character’s future. 

In November, Yellowstone made its highly anticipated comeback with season five which kicked off with a thrilling two-hour episode. 

So far, the stakes have been high for the Dutton family who were being threatened by Market Equities boss Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver). 

Although patriarch John Dutton was named Governor of Montana not everyone in his family was pleased. 

As his son Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) began scheming with Sarah Atwood (Dawn Oliveri) to impeach his father and take over as Governor. 

Although things seem to be going into turmoil for the Duttons, Beth Dutton’s (Kelly Reilly) adopted son Carter (Fin Little) could soon find love. 

When Orli’s casting was first revealed, Yellowstone announced: “In Season five, Halie becomes that person who gives Carter the chance to come out of his shell and to teach him not only about himself, but he finds himself always wanting Halie to be around. 

“Halie comes along and now there is someone who can fit that mould and be there for him.”

Orli stars as Haile opened up about her appearance and her character’s romance with Carter. 

She revealed: “(Halie) acts as this beam of light for Carter, if anyone’s seen anything online they might know Halie is a love interest for Carter. 

“She’s this super bold girl and she’s also a teenage girl, so she’s trying to tiptoe into Carter’s life without mingling with huge personalities like Beth or Rip.”

Orli continued: “Just because she doesn’t want to get in the way, she likes him and she wants to do something about it.”

Speaking on the Monday Morning Critic Podcast, she teased: “What’s the worse that could happen?”

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Although the actress was cast on a guest star basis, it’s likely the character could potentially clash with Beth. 

Carter was first introduced in season four as the troubled son of an addict and after meeting Beth, the two bonded and she took an instant liking to him. 

Soon after his father died, Beth became his guardian and he moved to the ranch under Beth and her husband Rip Wheeler’s (Cole Hauser) care. 

After finding a home on the Dutton Ranch, Carter was soon put to work as a stall cleaner. 

With romance on the cards for Carter, fans can also look forward to him and Rip getting closer. 

As Cole Hauser revealed: “Finn Little and I, we have some good stuff this year.

“I’m becoming more of, I guess, a father figure to him, although he’s growing up fast. 

“And so there’s that relationship, which has been very cool to see blossom,” he added to Entertainment Weekly. 

Yellowstone season 5 will return to the Paramount Network in the USA and Paramount+ in the UK in the summer.

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