Yellowstone star shares disbelief at Carters transformation

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On Sunday, Yellowstone returned to Paramount + with a double-episode premiere for season five. Fans were quick to notice, youngster Carter (played by Finn Little) had a growth spurt and his co-star Ian Bohen also reflected on his initial reaction.   

After season four came to an end earlier in the year, viewers were eagerly awaiting Yellowstone’s return to find out the fate of their favourite characters.

Although the show returned with a time-jump viewers were quick to notice young actor Finn Little looked unrecognizable. 

While many were convinced the actor had been replaced, Ryan star Ian Bohen revealed he thought Finn was a new actor when filming resumed. 

Speaking to Denim Richards and Jefferson White, Ian probed: “Do you guys remember Finn Little?” 

To which, Colby star Denim joked: “Not so little anymore.”

“Not so little anymore,” Ian confirmed as he reflected, “We got on set this year and he was walking around doing stuff and I was like ‘Who’s that, who’s the new guy?’

“People were like ‘that’s Finn,’ I was like ‘Nah that’s not Finn.’”

Ian remarked: “He’s grown six inches and he doesn’t look like the same person. 

“He’s got a face that’s like chiselled and he’s like a young man now.”

Denim added: “You saw the original Finn Little just kind of quiet and non-assuming and then there’s this one who’s tall and safe assured.”

Finn’s growth was also joked about during the premiere as John Dutton (Kevin Costner) addressed his transformation. 

During the episode, Carter re-introduced himself to John who became confused. 

Although they hadn’t seen each other in a long time. John hit back: “I know who you are.

“Jesus Christ, quit growing because it freaks me out,” he added. 

Later in the episode, John joked: “If you grow a beard, you’re fired.”

The jibes continued on social media after the official Yellowstone Twitter page tweeted: “Um, Carter? Is that you?”

Fans also shared their reaction to Carter’s transformation in the comments section, including @RockWithFloyd asked: “Is that even him??”

@gatorja shared: “Yes!!! I thought they were doing another young Rip flashback.”

@loriweese1 tweeted the actor and added: “You have grown up so much since the last season still cute and handsome but grown up.”

A shocked @wasamccarroll said: “I had to keep looking but it’s him. He and Tate are two handsome young men now.”

Yellowstone season 5 continues Sundays on Paramount+ in the US and the following Monday on Paramount Network in the UK

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