Yewande CHOKED Molly-Mae so hard Love Island bosses had to step in and discipline the evicted star

YEWANDE has revealed she was disciplined by Love Island bosses after she choked Molly-Mae.

The axed islander – who is a scientist in real life – spoke about her time in the villa with the finale coming up tomorrow night and was asked about any times she had to be warned by producers.

She told Closer: "I got told off a couple of times but it was mainly when I was upset about the whole Danny thing.

"Molly asked me what I'd do to Arabella or why I was so angry and then I choked Molly and said I would do that to Arabella. That wasn't very nice."

But since her exit and when Danny got with Arabella almost immediately after she was dumped from the villa, things are now civil between the pair.

She also told how Danny had messaged her but she told him she was "over the entire situation".

Yewande also spoke about how producers on the show manipulate contestants to achieve their desired outcomes.

She added: "Producers don't really get involved that much. It's more like they'll egg you if anything.

"If I was having a conversation with Amber saying how upset I was about a certain situation or about a certain person, and they might just be like, 'Well if you feel that way wouldn't you have a conversation with that certain person?'

"And you'd sit there, because all you have to do is think in the villa, and then you'd be like, 'Well I might as well pull whoever for a chat.'

"I don't think they have a heavy hand in the situation."

  • Love Island airs tonight on ITV2 at 9pm

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