Youre guinea pigs Jeremy Vine caller erupts at guests in fiery Covid vaccination clash

Jeremy Vine panelist clashes with caller over vaccines

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A heated row among Jeremy Vine caller Julia, panellists Matthew Stadlen and Martin Daubney broke out on the show amid speculation about a new Government campaign to promote booster Covid jabs. Broadcaster Matthew Stadlen accused Julia of “using the rest of us as guinea pigs”, while Julia’s “liberty” to choose whether to get vaccinated or not was being defended by Martin Daubney. 

Calling on the show, Julia said: “I’m really happy that they have scraped the vaccine passport.

“To me, it made no sense when those had just been a master football game and festivals have happened, and then suddenly you can’t go into a nightclub.

“I am not an anti-Vaxxer by any means. My children are vaccinated, I am vaccinated.

“I am just waiting until the trials are over in 2023 to make my decision. I’m vaccinated against most since childhood.”

Mr Stadlen interjected: “So you’re using, Julia, the rest of us as your guinea pigs?

Mr Daubney then chipped in: “We have a government that wants to make guinea pigs out of children, on 12 to 15-year-olds.

I’ve made the choice to get protected so that I don’t infect you Julia, or your mother or your father or my mother or my father.

Julia answered: “That’s a big misconception.

Mr Stadlen responded: “you’re absolutely right. You can and in fact, six weeks after having had my second dose, I did become infected with the virus.

“However, it was less likely that I would become infected than if I hadn’t had any vaccine.”

The clash came hours before the UK’s Chief Medical Office Chris Whitty recommended all 12 to 15-years-old be offered one dose of the Pfizer jab.

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