Celebs Go Dating’s Chloe Burrows says what fans are ‘all thinking’ amid huge row

Fans declare that Love Island's Chloe Burrows said what fans were 'all thinking' as a celeb brunch turned into a huge bust-up between Chloe and YouTube star Spuddz.

The temperature was certainly heating up in the latest instalment of the celebrity dating show as the celebs were put on the spot and forced to make a serious dating decision.

During the brunch, the celebrities had to choose which one person they would like to date moving forward, with Spuddz being the first to make the decision.

The real drama started when model Lottie Moss had to make her decision and choose either Adam Collard, or a guy she had just been on one date with. After some brief deliberation, Lottie went with Adam, and Chloe has a lot to say on the matter.

An unimpressed Chloe told Adam: "You literally mugged her off into the next century, it was so bad".

Spuddz was quick to defend his pal Adam and said: "he didn't mug her off".

Chloe jumped in and said: "She's cried and then you've somehow managed to weasel your way back in, that is barbaric."

An argument then arrupts between Chloe and Spuddz as they tell each other to grow up and start throwing personal digs at each other. Chloe told Spuddz that he is "snogging every date" that he goes on, and Spuddz said Chloe doesn't even like the guy she is moving forward with.

Twitter almost immediately erroupted with fans agreeing with Chloe and claiming that she is saying "what we are all thinking".

One viewer penned: "Chloe is speaking for the nation – Lottie was silly to pick Adam #CelebsGoDating", while another said: "Chloe saying what we are all thinking #celebsgodating".

A third added: "@ChloeBurrows is making @CelebsGoDating this year. Flipping hilarious", while another said: "Chloe’s reactions are everything #celebsgodating".

Chloe's comments about Adam came after he chose his ex Autumn over Lottie at the previous brunch, which left blonde beauty Lottie in tears.

Lottie was visibly furious with Adams decision, and she could be heard saying: "I need to get the f*** out of here."

Shortly after, she stormed towards the exit with Chloe just behind her as she shouted: "What a f***ing idiot. I'm so f***ing angry."

Lottie then hit the door on her way out expressing her anger at Adam's actions.

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