Erika Jayne & Tom Girardi Named In Shocking New $18 Million Credit Card Fraud Lawsuit! Whoa!

A new lawsuit alleges Erika Jayne used the Secret Service to pursue a designer in Hollywood over HUGE credit card bills!

According to reports that broke on Tuesday, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and a Secret Service agent are among those being sued by designer Chris Psaila. Per TMZ, Psaila alleges Jayne and her now-estranged husband Tom Girardi bribed the agent to prosecute Psaila. That prosecution centered on allegedly false claims that the designer charged Jayne’s credit card for more than $800,000 worth of costume design work over a multi-year stretch!!

The suit is pretty complicated, TBH. In it, Psaila alleges Erika gave him and his store Marco Marco full permission to charge her credit card for “costumes and services he designed, created and provided for her performances.” Girardi was said to be the key account holder in that set-up, and the RHOBH star was allegedly an authorized user.

According to Psaila, he began this work with Jayne all the way back in 2014. Everything was good — for a little while. Then, suddenly, Jayne started claiming (falsely, Psaila alleges) that he racked up nearly $900,000 in totally phony credit card charges between 2015 and 2016.


Then, Erika and Tom supposedly “weaponized the Secret Service to maliciously prosecute” Psaila for those charges, per TMZ.

Psaila claims in the lawsuit that Jayne and Girardi allegedly bribed agent Robert Savage, who was at the time the head of the Secret Service’s bureau in Los Angeles. Savage, the suit claims, moved to “criminally investigate” Psaila in ways that were supposedly subtly being driven by Jayne and Girardi. Oof!!

The plaintiff claims Girardi and Savage supposedly go way back. Using that connection, Tom allegedly bribed the Secret Service agent with $100,000 to be paid as soon as the investigation into the designer started. That investigation turned into a five-year-long criminal case against Psaila. That criminal case was ultimately dismissed, but the sting lingers on…

That’s not all, either. Psaila also alleges credit card company American Express accepted Erika’s supposedly statements about fraudulent charges and refunded more than $787,000 to her and Tom’s account without allowing the plaintiff to defend himself or his business!

Now, citing extreme emotional distress, Psaila is going after Jayne, Savage, and American Express for $18.2 million. That’s not chump change!!!

And at this point, this suit would seem to be another Girardi-related legal problem for Erika…

Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

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