Prince William snubbed by hilarious Prince Louis on first day at school

A video of Prince Louis snubbing his heir-to-the-throne father Prince William has resurfaced, as the youngster readies himself for a second year at Berkshire's Lambrook School.

All three of William, 41, and Kate Middleton's children – Princess Charlotte and Princes George and Louis – attend the school, after the Royals relocated to Windsor's Adelaide Cottage last year, but when they first walked through the grounds, it appears as though little Louis, 5, didn't need a helping hand offered by his dad.

Louis was spotted clutching his mum Kate's, 41, hand as William walked beside them on their way to meeting headmaster Jonathan Perry. Reaching out to hold his youngest son's left hand, William was completely snubbed as Louis continued to look straight ahead without response.

The Prince of Wales finally admitted defeat and gave Louis a head stroke instead.

This cheeky moment follows some words from royal expert Jennie Bond earlier this year, when she exclusively suggested to OK! that Kate shields Louis from knowing he's already a national treasure.

"Children are so resilient and they move on quicker than adults. So I imagine that like everyone involved, the royals will have just heaved a great sigh of relief now that the Coronation [of King Charles III] is over.

"It would have been quite easy for the kids who are very resilient to just park that and get back to their routines at school and will be back to enjoying playing football, rugby, cricket with a certain amount of relief that it's over and they did a very good job," she continued.

"They wouldn't be aware of all the ongoing press coverage about them. I'm sure they're being shielded largely from that. Louis probably doesn't know that he is basically a national treasure now!"

According to a source for The Express, the newly-crowned monarch, 74, spent much of his coronation rehearsal time rather fed up due to the shear amount of long days preparing for the biggest day of his life.

However, it seems as though his grandson Louis was there to save the day at least once.

"It was a long day and everyone was getting a little tired and stressed. Even the King began to look a little worn down. He was sitting on the throne looking glum. Then suddenly he looked to the side and saw Prince Louis standing beside him," a source previously reported.

"His eyes lit up and he said, 'Hello, Louis. I didn't see you there'. You could see how much he adored the little boy. He put an arm around him and began showing him all the regalia. He explained everything to him and pointed out the different gems. In that snapshot the two of them seemed completely entranced. It was lovely to watch."

The Coronation of Charles, which took over a whole bank holiday weekend in May, followed the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II almost a full year ago at the age of 96.

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