Pro-Palestine Protesters Flood D.C., Gather Outside White House

Thousands upon thousands descended onto our nation’s capital this weekend to decry the Israel-Palestine war … eventually hitting the White House to make their voices heard.

A massive protest formed in Washington D.C. Saturday, with upwards of a hundred thousand (if not more) pro-Palestine demonstrators marching through the streets of the city and calling for an immediate ceasefire — while also consistently yelling “Free Palestine!”

It’s one of the largest such gatherings that has taken place since the conflict kicked off last month — and it’s quite clear they don’t think our government is on the right side of history here, including President Joe Biden … whose name was front and center the whole time.

That became abundantly clear when a huge group of protesters eventually landed at the White House — or at the front gate rather … which keeps onlookers quite a ways away.

Still, they certainly made their presence known … so much so, that it attracted the attention of Secret Service agents — who came out onto the lawn and made sure nobody breached the gate and made their way onto the grounds, and by the looks of it … no one did.

Nonetheless … the protest at the White House got a little scary, especially when a handful of people actually scaled the gate and waved Palestinian flags … without ever going over. There was also chants of “F*** Joe Biden” that could be heard, as well as “Allahu Akbar” … an Arabic phrase that is the cornerstone of the Islam faith, meaning “God is most great.”

The reactions to the protest are divided, and really comes down to how folks feel about the Middle East conflict right now — those that are pro-Palestine saw it as righteous and needed … whereas others viewed as a startling move that potentially portends worse to come.

Either way … these people were out there making their voices heard — and while there are reports of a smattering of arrests here and there, it looks to have remained mostly peaceful.

Part of the reason the pro-Palestine protest might’ve made its way to D.C is because of how the U.S. is responding to the ongoing ground operation being conducted by Israel … which continues to move its way through Gaza in search of the Hamas terrorists and hostages.

Of course, it goes without saying … as they’ve attempted to root out Hamas, there have been many civilian casualties along the way — with Palestinian officials saying the body count on their end is nearing the 5-digit mark … something that has drawn concern from some of Israel’s allies, including the U.S.

Israel Moves In On Gaza

Reports say American officials, including Sec. of State Anthony Blinken, are quietly asking Israel to hit pause — but it doesn’t sound like Benjamin Netanyahu is heeding his request.

This sentiment against Israel is growing and becoming more popular with celebs as well — more and more high profile people are demanding Israel stop their campaign … insisting their response is disproportionate now, and is claiming too many innocents in the process.

Macklemore is among those stars who’s been speaking out — in fact, he was there in D.C. Saturday and spoke to a group of demonstrators in an impassioned speech … in which he called what Israel is doing in Gaza “genocide,” and that got a big cheer from the crowd.

The issue has become incredibly divisive in the States … but as the weeks drag on, we’re seeing more and more people hitting the streets — and they’re often pro-Palestine.

Destruction In Gaza

Like we said … Israel, thus far, is sticking to its guns on their mission. They feel they have every right to move in and exact justice over the 1,400 innocent Israelis who were butchered.

They’re also still trying to secure the safe release of dozens of hostages that are being held by Hamas … but it’s proven difficult to surgically carry out their operation with bloodshed.

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