Björk Shares Illustrated Visual for ‘Fossora’ Track “Victimhood”

A year after dropping her tenth studio album Fossora, Björk is continuing to celebrate the project. On Monday, the Icelandic artist returned with a visual for the track “victimhood.”

Björk’s music videos are known to be experimental and artistically-driven, much like the singer herself. In lieu of a traditional filmed video, “victimhood” is illustrated with a moving animation of paintings.

Animals that seem to be from another world – with the exception of a bright red bird – float around the screen, exploring the natural environment. The visual was illustrated by Gabríela Friðriksdóttir and animated by Pierre-Alain Giraud.

As for the song itself, Björk reflects on the trauma of her divorce, a concept she spoke about in an accompanying interview with Friðriksdóttir. In sacrificing herself, she inadvertently also became a victim.

“And who am I that this has happened to? / Victimhood,” she sings. “Rejection it left a void / That is never ever satisfied / Sunk into victimhood.”

Watch the official visual for Björk’s “victimhood” above.

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