EU Declares X Has Highest Rate of Disinformation Among Social Media Apps

The EU is urging Elon Musk to address rampant disinformation on X, formerly known as Twitter. The European Commission, an executive body of the EU, conducted a six-month study on the circulation of fake news across social media platforms.

Chief among them was X, which was reported to have the highest rate of disinformation. Researchers considered discoverability, a term referring to the ratio of disinformation shown among “sensitive content.” They also took note of account engagement and the overall number of users on a platform.

When it comes to disinformation, “Twitter has the highest discoverability,” the report read.

X notably decided to leave the EU’s Code of Practice on Disinformation back in May. Since then, the app has rolled out its own user-run fact-checking system called Community Notes.

“Mr Musk knows he is not off the hook by leaving the code of practice,” European commissioner Věra Jourová said in a speech.

“There are obligations under the hard law. So my message for Twitter/X is you have to comply. We will be watching what you do.”

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