Hacker Group Rhysida Leaks 1.3 Million Files From Sony's Insomniac Games

Earlier this month, Sony’s Insomniac Games was subjected to an attack by Rhysida, a ransomware gang that had been responsible for stealing personal data from the British Library system just weeks prior.

Rhysida claimed that it had stolen 1.67 terabytes — about 1.3 million files – of “exclusive, unique, and impressive data.” The group demanded that Sony pay them a ransom of $2 million USD within one week, or else they’d leak the data.

Now that the deadline has passed, Rhysida has leaked the data, which counts numerous pieces of sensitive information, including HR employee files, financial information and bank account and credit card numbers.

There’s also game-specific data, such as the PlayStation 5 Wolverine project that Insomniac was developing for Marvel. Screenshots show stills from the game, along with game roadmaps and developers’ budgeting details.

Additional files suggest that Insomniac was planning to release a Spider-Man 3 title, along with games centered on Venom and X-Men. Insomniac has yet to publicly respond to the attack and none of the files leaked by Rhysida have been confirmed to be real.
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