Jorge Paez's RYTM Gives the Classic Record Player a Modern Redesign

Industrial designer Jorge Paez frequently collaborates with brands across industries to create one-of-a-kind products. For his latest effort, however, Paez has independently engineered a truly unique turntable.

It’s called the RYTM and is billed as a “contemporary interpretation” of the typical vinyl record player. At first glance, the RYTM even looks like a normal turntable but upon closer inspection, the project has one particularly interesting design element.

In the corner of the turntable are a series of vertical slats. Beyond appearing aesthetically modern, the slats serve as the subtle home base for user controls. In a resting state, there’s no tonearm visible on the RYTM, as it pops up from within the slats when it’s time to play a record. A user can also access buttons among the slats to turn the turntable on and off and adjust volume and RPM speed.

The record player comes in a sleek grey shade with a few red-colored details in the volume button and tonearm. In designing the product, Paez referenced the 1957 Braun SK4/1 turntable created by Dieter Rams as one of his primary inspirations, per Design Milk.

Check out Jorge Paez’s RYTM turntable above.
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