Osaka's New Concept Store "maison m-i-d 1985" is Surrounded By Yellow Bricks

Tokyo-based multidisciplinary studio Curiosity is consistently pushing the boundaries of contemporary design in its immersive and intentional interiors, be it a hotel, gallery or concept store. The studio’s latest architectural venture just landed in Osaka, Japan; entitled maison m-i-d 1985, it is not the garments on the racks that lure passersby into the studio’s new concept store, but rather the striking yellow glass brick walls that shape the layout.

Laid out like a labyrinth, the interior is dominated by yellow hues emanating from the bricks – which especially stand out juxtaposed against the primarily black and white garments for sale. The vibrant bricks are stacked into transparent partitions, sectioning off areas of the store and continuing on the “layered” and reflective atmosphere. The ceiling is covered with minimalistic, metal louvers – which perfectly match the pitched lines seen on the glass-laid floor – and, visually, turn the entire space into a floor-to-ceiling bath of yellow, imbuing the vibrant hue through the latticed metal slats. Take an even closer look at the interior’s detailing in the gallery below.

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