SCRY™ Joins HELIOT EMIL for 3D-Printed "Digital Embryo" Footwear Collection

Pioneering footwear titan SCRY™ is at the forefront of innovation, making a name for itself under 3D-printed creations that outline alternative galaxies. The brand’s out-of-the-box designs explore the future of shoe-making through cutting-edge technology based on architectural artistry.

Following its debut at Paris Fashion Week, SCRY™ and HELIOT EMIL are officially launching their Fall/Winter 2022 partnership. The 3D boot is built from plastic-based polyurethane materials, forming a “Solitary Uniform” that eliminates harmful waste.

HELIOT EMIL’s intergalactic universe comes to life across the “Digital Embryo” concept, merging with SCRY™’s novel design techniques. The platformed boot features mid-height tops and rounded toe boxes with a medial puncture and curved bridge in all-black.

The collaboration will be released in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.
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