Seiko Presents Two New Presage References Under the Cocktail Time European & U.S. Exclusive Collection

Seiko has revealed a duo of Presage watches under its new Cocktail Time European & U.S. Exclusive Collection. The concept of the collection derives inspiration from Japan’s drinking culture of “nomunication hour.” The word is a portmanteau of nomu, which means “to drink” in Japanese, and communication in English, which describes the Japanese custom of discussing business over a few drinks.

While both references are crafted in stainless steel, they are doused in a golden hue from the dial, case to the bracelet. In keeping the sultry and moody color palette, the dials are adorned with tonal indices and dauphine-style hands. From the exhibition caseback, the 41-hour power reserve 4R35 caliber can be viewed.

Entitled “Half and Half” and “Beer Julep,” the two watches are named after cocktails created by Hisashi Kishi, the head bartender of Tokyo’s renowned Star Bar in Ginza. The former features a fumé dial to recreate the unique hue and full-bodied essence of its namesake cocktail that’s formulated with Japanese ale and stout. While, “Beer Julep” recreates the gradation from the concoction that’s made up of Japanese beer, whisky, gin, sugar syrup, lemon and basil leaves.

As indicated in the collection’s name, the two watches are only available for purchase within the U.S. and European regions. Both models have a retail price point of £470 (approximately $574 USD) and are currently open for pre-order via Seiko.

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