Sony PlayStation 5 Pro Details Surface

Adding to the anticipation for the upgraded version of Sony PlayStation‘s flagship gaming console, details for the Sony PlayStation 5 Pro have now surfaced. According to leaks, the PlayStation 5 Pro will be equipped with DLSS technology developed by Sony, Deep Learning Super Sampling is a family of real-time deep learning image enhancement and upscaling technology.

The upcoming console is also expected to be outfitted with an AMD Zen 2 CPU with a maximum frequency of 4.4GHz and 16GB DDR6 with a bandwidth of 576Gb/s.

According to gaming insider Jeff Grubb, “This is almost certainly true.” Adding, “Although the exact specifications have not been confirmed, Sony’s newly developed DLSS technology uses machine learning to run at very high resolutions and frame rates.”

The Sony PlayStation 5 Pro is now expected to arrive sometime in September 2024.
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