Sam Youkilis Documents His Italian Excursions in New Book

Sam Youkilis, the New York-born photographer known for his intimate snapshots of Italian life, has released his first book via Loose Joints. The 528-page publication chronicles the myriad images Youkilis captured on his iPhone during his travels to Italy over the course of the past six years.

Rather than using expensive equipment, Youkilis’ camera of choice is his humble phone camera, the lens which has arguably defined our photographic generation. Whether through a still photograph or a quick video clip, Youkilis sporadically documents universal patterns of human behavior — a sunbather on the beach enjoying an ice cream cone, a couple kissing against a lamppost, peeling the perfect set of slices on an orange or enjoying the sunsets as it reflects off the sea.

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Each chapter of the book explores a diverse range of themes and playfully teases at the tension of categorization and chance that defines the photographer’s work. “Youkilis embraces the real by engaging with both ephemerality and sincerity, while steeped in reverence for the photographic medium through a meticulous engagement with composition, color, chiaroscuro and framing,” wrote a release by the publisher.

Sam Youkilis – Somewhere 2017-2023 is softcover title with an exposed spine and comes equipped with a bookmark. The book features essays by David Campany, Matt Goulding, and Lou Stoppard, and is available to purchase for $49 USD.

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