The Master & Dynamic MW75 Neuro Headphones Can Read Your Mind

High-end headphone brand Master & Dynamic has partnered with neuroscience company Neurable for headphones that can read your mind — literally. The new MW75 Neuro headphones, touted as the first brain-computer interface (BCI) audio product, use neural sensors to read a wearer’s brain waves and determine their peak focus time as well as spot moments of stress.

The headphones can track work sessions with a simple press of a button, and, through an accompanying app, offer detailed breakdowns of those sessions, spotlighting everything from peak focus time to moments of stress and recommending when the wearer should take a break. According to the companies, the headphones will even turn active noise canceling on and put your phone in “Do Not Disturb” mode when they sense you’re deep in your work. Post-work sessions, the app provides detailed feedback on peak focus times and even a “focus score,” all to help the wearer maximize their cognitive performance.

“These novel capabilities are just the beginning,” a Master & Dynamic press release reads, “with several intriguing features already in the works for future products.” Apart from all the advanced performance-tracking features, the MW75 Neuro promises high-quality sound, as its base is Master & Dynamic’s $600 MW75 active noise-canceling headphones. Neurable, for their part, is a pioneer in neuroscience. They went viral in 2017 for creating a game that you can “control with your mind,” as the New York Times put it, and has also worked with branches of the USA’s military in efforts to optimize their training procedures.

The Master & Dynamic x Neurable MW75 Neuro has been produced in four colors — onyx, navy, argent and olive — and is available for pre-order now. It’s priced at $649, and will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2024.
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