Ashley Tisdale Sued For Huge Damages After Allegedly Causing Life-Altering Car Crash

Ashley Tisdale is facing a lawsuit for alleged negligence, as the former Disney star is being accused of causing injuries to another driver during a car accident that took place in September 2022.

In a complaint filed on Thursday, August 31, and obtained by Us Weekly, the plaintiff, Lina Gonzales, asserts that Ashley, 38, operated her vehicle in a manner that was negligent and reckless when the collision occurred on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles last year.

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Gonzalez was apparently waiting to make a left turn from the left lane when Tisdale collided with her vehicle while trying to switch lanes.

The plaintiff’s complaint further states that the High School Musical actress created a disturbance and verbally insulted Gonzalez, though a representative for Tisdale refutes this claim, stating to TMZ that no harsh words were exchanged.

The actress’s representative added that the two women simply exchanged necessary information after the accident and then went their separate ways So far, Ashley hasn’t released a direct statement on the lawsuit’s filing.

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Gonzalez claims she’s endured a range of repercussions as a result of the accident, including the loss of income, damage to her property, and medical expenses.

The plaintiff is pursuing unspecified compensatory damages, and a nonjury trial has been scheduled for February 2025. However, Gonzales is facing approximately $140,000 in medical expenses for her significant neck and back injuries, so she’s likely hoping to be awarded six figures in compensation from the lawsuit.

Ashley has a reported net worth of $12 million. Though she’s slowed down her acting gigs in recent years, the mother-of-one has turned her attention to her skincare business, Frenshe. She previously started a lifestyle blog of the same name in 2020, born out of the pandemic.

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Ashley’s skincare line dropped in stores (including Target) earlier this year, and it prided itself in offering all products under $17. The company’ currently valuation isn’t publicly known, but many celebrities have been able to successfully launch skincare and fashion brands, largely due to their big social following and reputation.

However, if Ashley is found responsible for the serious car crash, she may not only have to pay up, but it could also affect her reputation in the long-term.

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