Fearless Playboy model kisses black panther as she poses in eye-popping bikini

Playboy model Francia James has once again dropped jaws – but this time it wasn't because of her skimpy outfits.

The 33-year-old OnlyFans star regularly delights her fans with saucy videos and snaps where she often wears next to nothing.

But she truly pushed the boundaries with her latest clip after posing with a black panther.

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The busty star, who was donning a leopard pint two-piece at the time, didn't seem alarmed by the presence of a the big cat as it lay with one paw on her breast.

Francia even embraced it by kissing the predator on the nose as photographers shouted "yes".

Captioning the clip, which has now gained more than 3,800 likes, the model asked fans: "Will you do it?"

She also added hashtags, describing her actions as #fearless.

TikTok viewers immediately took to the comments praising the bravery of the Colombian-born star, who now resides in Florida, as they compared the clip to Disney's The Jungle Book.

Referring to the main protagonist in the film, one user said: "If Mowgli can do it…"

Another added: "Francety is WILDDDD."

A third commented: "Gee what a lucky cat."

A fourth wrote: "One of the most dangerous creatures on Earth with a panther."

Others referenced the Marvel hero Black Panther by writing: "Wakanda Forever."

Meanwhile, some users didn't approve of the video as a bloke wrote: "Your fit but animals shouldn’t be used for this."

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This isn't the first time Francia James has been filmed interacting with animals as earlier this year the model admitted that her fame was thanks to an unfortunate incident with an elephant.

The elephant video made her famous in 2019 when she visited Myrtle Beach Safari Park in South Carolina.

Footage showed the bikini model trying to take a picture with an elephant as she stood close to its face. But the mammal got distracted and swung its trunk to fondle Francia's breasts.

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