‘I’m 52 and flaunt tattoos in bikinis – trolls say I’m too old but I don’t care’

A 52-year-old woman has flaunted her curves and tattoos in a bikini after saying she doesn't care what trolls say about her age.

Fashion model Tamara Lee Carter, who posts on social media as @tamaraleeisme, often shares snaps of herself in skimpy outfits to hit back at critics saying she's "too old".

But the 52-year-old, from the US, is proud of her age-defying look and says supporters call her a "MILF".

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In one of her recent clips, which has gained more than 24,000 likes, she was seen posing in a multi-coloured two piece which showed her tattoos across her tummy.

She asked fans: "These over 50 ladies… [I'm] 52. Are you a fan of the over 50 model??"

In another video shared online, Tamara explained: “When people say I’m too old to model at the age of 52.”

To this, she then confirmed: “Good thing I don't listen…”

Despited bing born in 1971, Tamara confessed: "Most days I feel 25.”

She continued: “Age is just a number. I’ll be in a bikini till I’m 80!”

TikTok were left open-mouthed at Tamara’s clip and many were eager to compliment Tamara in the comments, with many calling her “beautiful.”

One person said: “Beautiful as always.”

Another added: “You [are] a gorgeous goddess.”

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A third commented: “For me she is perfect.”

A fourth wrote: “She looks stunning.”

The news comes after mums on social media have wowed audiences with their age-defying looks, that expression might as well change to, "You're only as old as you're told."

Indeed, some of these evergreen beauties have had the clocks turned right back thanks to the complimentary comments from social media users, who have likened them to their own daughters and women more than half their age.

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